Wardrobes EnkelLoft

NWC 5000

от 150 000 руб.

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Wardrobes EnkelLoft

All parts of the Cabinet body consist of natural wood. The side walls, cornice, base are made of oak wood. Doors with vertical and horizontal direction of fibers are covered with oak wood slats. The Central part of the door with milled handle is covered with HPL. HPL is a modern paper-laminated plastic, resistant to abrasion and scratches, which is widely used in interior decoration. The case of the Cabinet blocks is made of furniture panel of hornbeam wood. The material of the back wall of the case is veneered MDF 6. Some Cabinet units contain drawers that move on the guiding firm “Blum”. The materials involved in the building of drawers: front is made from solid oak case made of furniture Board of wood of the hornbeam, the bottom – shponirovannye MDF 6. Finish coating can be matte polyacrylic varnish or oil-wax.