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An international firm of architects, designers and furniture designers specializing in a wide range of commercial, residential and community projects.

For almost a quarter of a century the furniture factory Canti actively makes efforts for production of high quality products and expansion of production. The main objective of the company’s development policy is to satisfy the needs of customers and gain their trust due to the high level of skill of the factory staff. The production area covers 25 hectares. The workshops are equipped with modern equipment with computer control and high-precision tools.

Canti company is constantly improving its technical base, introducing advanced technologies and updating equipment, ensuring compliance of products with international ISO standards.


Among the staff of the factory experienced professionals, skilled workers. Engineering staff, designers and designers regularly improve their skills, visit international specialized exhibitions. This allows them to closely follow the trends of fashion trends in the furniture market.

When working on projects to create furniture, our experts on the basis of knowledge and experience introduce bold design solutions that combine exclusive design and excellent product performance.


Production capacities of factory Canti have in the structure the equipment of production of Germany, Italy, Austria.

For the preparation of hard wood used drying chambers. More than seven thousand parts are manufactured on a four-sided machine per day.

In the shop, where the cutting and processing of countertops, to work with such a solid material as quartz, complex processing technologies are used.

Production of kitchens is carried out by the conveyor method increasing quality of each stage of Assembly. This reduces the number of build errors.

The coating of structural elements of the furniture paint is made with the help of rolls. This allows you to apply paint on furniture more efficiently and efficiently.

Materials and components used

  • For the production of facades used natural wood. The carvings on the facades is made by hand by experienced cutters factory Cantori. Body elements are covered with beech, alder veneer, veneer of cherry and ash.
  • Paints, Italy and Switzerland, have quality certificates confirming the absence of hazardous to human health components.
  • Countertops are made of acrylic, postforming, quartz. Quartz is a particularly durable material, heat-resistant and not affected by aggressive environments.
  • HoReCa segment furniture manufactured by the company meets international quality standards ISO.
  • The fittings are supplied by Austrian, German and Italian manufacturers. It closer, lifting machinery, lifts, hinges, holders, shelves and more.
  • In the manufacture of furniture elements made of glass, it is securely fixed in the structure to ensure the safety of further use.
  • Fabrics used for upholstery, allow you to use upholstered furniture for a long time without losing appearance. Fillers have wear resistance and strength, providing elasticity of sofas and chairs.
  • Quality control is carried out at all stages of Canti furniture production to meet international standards.
  • For service at a high level of its own service.
  • Canti factory guarantees high quality of products. This is confirmed by numerous certificates, diplomas and awards received by the company.



Canti kitchens are made in a large number of colors, in different styles, in combinations of wood, plastic, glass and ceramics. Produced more than forty unique models.

Home furniture

Furniture factory Canti offers different interior design, adding them with pieces of furniture or fully equipped room with headsets. Buyers are offered living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, offices. Separately, you can buy tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, shelves, shelves.

Furniture for bathrooms will help to realize the most daring design imagination even in a small room. To do this, we offer 14 models, each of which is unique.

Furniture for office

The Executive offices, production departments, areas for visitors and jobs for secretaries can be in the areas of irregular plan. For any conditions the Canti factory will execute the order on the individual sizes if there is no suitable furniture in the let-out product range. Canti has experience working on large furniture projects for large enterprises and organizations, completing a complete set in the same style and exclusive design.

Furniture for HoReCa segment

Each hotel, sanatorium, restaurant, entertainment complex has its own design features, its corporate style of interior. Again, the interior space has different dimensions.
Even chairs for customers or trading window must match the overall style of the design.
Racks designed for the layout of goods and storage systems in the offices of shopping centers are designed to optimize the work and increase productivity of staff.
To take into account all the nuances and solve the issue of integrated support of the enterprise related to the field of HoReCa, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. So contact the company for Canti personal service. Specialists of the company, before formation of the order and its start in production, will surely give professional recommendations and will help with the choice of furniture of factory.


An integral part of our daily lives is associated with the use of furniture at home and at work. Comfortable, beautiful furniture allows you to feel comfortable while relaxing. Ergonomic design of office furniture allows you to successfully spend a working day. In production and trade, special furniture improves working conditions and increases productivity.

Furniture requires an individual approach to the selection according to the functional purpose, so the range of furniture is extremely wide.

Over the years of its existence, the company CANTI has won the respect of customers and took one of the leading places among manufacturers in the furniture industry:

  • Furniture production of the company is located on the area of 25 hectares on different sites in Europe: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy.
  • The company employs highly qualified staff, designers, designers. Any request is embodied in a unique project with a unique style and a very precise Assembly of furniture;
  • Production of furniture is conducted from the certified materials, the qualitative reliable furniture accessories and accessories of the checked suppliers from Italy, Austria, Germany are applied. The facades of CANTI furniture are made of natural wood, plywood and chipboard, covered with paints, manufactured in Italy and Switzerland. Furniture elements are covered with veneer of beech, cherry, alder, ash. Countertops are made of acrylic, postforming, quartz. HoReCa segment furniture manufactured by CANTI factory meets international quality standards ISO.
  • Each stage of production, from project development to Assembly at the customer, pass careful quality control and compliance to modern standards;
  • Service Department works in a clear, debugged mode, producing high-quality warranty and post-warranty service;
  • The logistics service works with strict observance of terms of delivery of materials, constantly optimizes delivery process.

Canti brand showrooms are located in 300 settlements, and the dealer network continues to develop actively. CANTI products can be purchased in the Baltic States, the UK, the USA, Canada and Russia. Furniture factory CANTI offers a wide range of products. Among the main product groups:

Home furniture

The design of the furniture designed in the style loft, modern, classic. Among the offered furniture there are furniture walls for living rooms and children’s rooms, sets for bedrooms, upholstered furniture in sets and separately, mattresses, tables and chairs.

Bathroom furniture

Sets for arrangement of bathrooms meet the highest requirements of customers. You can choose the furniture for the room of any size and layout.

Furniture for kitchen

Kitchens in classical and modern style have a unique design, have the opportunity to choose from a large palette of colors, with elegant and reliable fittings.

Furniture for office

Among the offered furniture there are fully equipped offices for managers, functional reception rooms, sofas and sets for the visitors ‘ area, tables and chairs for office workers. Office furniture CANTI is used in public institutions, in modern offices of representative offices of foreign companies, in entertainment centers.

Furniture of Italian and French factories

Furniture and accessories from Italy are represented by more than 100 manufacturers. There are living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and offices, tables and chairs. In the manufacture of raw materials used from natural wood.

Furniture for HoReCa segment and trade enterprises

Tables, chairs, sofas, shop Windows, racks for hotels, restaurants, shops meet the international requirements for use in The HoReCa segment.

The equipment for HoReCa will allow to complete professional kitchen of catering establishments, to use in business processes of any branch:

  • Laundry machinery and equipment;
  • Bar equipment;
  • Kitchen appliances, fixtures and production equipment;
  • Refrigeration and freezing equipment;
  • Electrical appliances and ovens;
  • Kitchen lines and self-service lines.
The furniture and equipment offered by CANTI is installed and successfully performs its functions in hotels, sanatoriums, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centers.

In the implementation of warranty service sometimes requires replacement of furniture or spare parts. The order and delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time, spare parts are delivered directly by their manufacturer.

During the seasonal ripening of fruits, berries, vegetables, CANTI regularly holds promotions that allow profitable purchase of equipment for the procurement of products.

Many customers are willing to take part in the Canti events for testing equipment and devices, in master classes on the use of tools and equipment in the cooking process.

CANTI offers buyers a system of accumulation of bonuses for use with further purchases.

Constantly held events to reduce the price of certain types of goods, giving the opportunity to use the discount and save money.