Chest Enkel NWC 2400

NWC 2400

Chest Enkel NWC 2400

The main feature of the chest of drawers is functionality. It is a great module for storing things. You can install it in almost any room, living room, hallway, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom. At the same time, the designs of chests of drawers are quite compact and have a creative appearance in the Loft and Eco-style, which allows them to blend in harmoniously with the interior.
In the living room, a chest of drawers can become a place of storage for both clothes and magazines, albums, various trifles that need to be hidden. The surface of the module can be used to install video and audio equipment, as well as decorative elements, which allows you to give the room comfort and emphasize the good taste of the owners.
The children’s chest of drawers can be used to store clothes, underwear, toys, stationery, various accessories for the child. Drawers in the chest of drawers open easily and gently, and streamlined chest shapes are also a guarantee of safety when using it.


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  • 1840х475х800