Bed with soft back LOFT

NWC 7200 / NWC 7300 / NWC 7400

от 113000 руб.

до 161100 руб.

Bed with soft back LOFT

An elegant bed will stylistically support any interior. The design of the bed makes it possible to call it ideal) can be easily made from all sides, there is free space at the front drawer. A storage box can be placed on three sides) Ergonomic headboard allows you to enjoy your favorite book and any gadget).


(length * width * height)

  • 2350х1950х850
  • 2350х1750х850
  • 2350х1550х850
  • 2350х1050х850
  • 2350х1350х850
  • 2350х2150х850