Bad KiantyLOFT

NWC 10500, 10600, 10700, 10800

Bad KiantyLOFT

Chianti has absorbed all the successful solutions from other models of our beds.
For the first time in our practice, we have created a design that allows you to place a mattress at two heights. At your request
, the mattress can be sunk deeper into the body or vice versa raised higher. This will be especially important for elite
mattresses with a height of 300 mm, because from now on they will not introduce an imbalance in the proportion of shapes and will not excessively
occupy the upholstery space on the back.
We decided to make the front leg of the bed invisible. This will create the effect that the frame of the bed
“hangs” in the air.


(length * width * height)

  • 3150х2185х900
  • 2950х2185х900
  • 2750х2185х900
  • 2550х2185х900